Spring Sale 2016

During March and April this year we're offering a massive 40% 

discount on the first 100 orders. Browse around the site to choose your favourite artwork and contact me directly!

Hello Everyone,

I want to help to make your dreams come true in a vivid way!  I'm  happy to help you with contemporary work or any abstract art needs you may have.  There are also many styles for sale to choose from my own stock of paintings.  Please contact me to discuss your ideas and we can begin a creative process that will surely inspire...  

Welcome to Kevin Lewis Art

The Power of Art - Did You Know?​ 

Real Art not only helps your improve the look of you home, but you also begin to feel like a fresh revitalized person when you have a new painting on the wall.  While we haven't taken a factual study on this, all of our customers completely agree with this statement!

Latest Artwork

These are some of my latest works and I am very pleased with them. What do you think? Please let me know. You can contact me by email or just call 07534 811735.